During this time 2NDFLOOR is experiencing above normal wait times and volume. We want to hear from you. Please be patient and remember the line is also open to text 24/7 at 1-888-222-2228. If this is an emergency please call 911 or your local police.

Speak Your Mind

For those who would rather type than talk, 2NDFLOOR has an anonymous online message board. The message board is a place where you can talk about whatever is on your mind—stuff like problems at home or school, issues with friends, and even topics like stress, anxiety, sexuality, drugs, violence or abuse—basically, whatever is on your mind. If you have an emergency, call your local police or 911.

Message Board Disclaimer and Guidelines

A few guidelines to follow when you Speak Your Mind:

  • Messages (even if you don't agree with what someone else has said) should be friendly and civil.
  • Posting slanderous messages, messages containing obscenities, and messages which harass or attack is prohibited.
  • Posting advertisements or copyrighted materials (unless you own the copyright) is not permitted.
  • Posting personal information or impersonating another kid is prohibited.
  • Messages are NOT confidential.
  • Responses do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of 2NDFLOOR or 180 Turning Lives Around.
  • Responses are not posted immediately, so if you have a problem, speak to a counselor by dialing 888.222.2228 OR dial 911 if you:
    • have an emergency,
    • are in danger of hurting yourself or others,
    • are in crisis,
    • require medical or police assistance

Basically, speak safely, speak nicely, speak honestly AND, if you don't—you won't be allowed to Speak Your Mind! By clicking the link below you certify that you are over the age of 13.