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    2 things

    So I've liked this guy since literally 1st grade, we lost touch when we moved schools and just started talking again in October, I saw him at this dance I went to and we just kinda clicked and it was fun and nice! He told me that he wants to keep hanging out and maybe eventually make it more, I may like that,but I'm not entirely sure. That's problem #1. Problem #2 is that my mother has a desire for me to stay her little girl as long as possible, so ANYTHING remotely grown up is not in her favor. (My first "boyfriend" never actually took me on a date because my mom said that the entire family would have to come in order for us to hang out) I understand where she's coming from and know that she trusts me but at the same time she's trying to pull me back from something completely normal for a 16 year old to do.

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    I am glad you reached out to 2NDFLOOR. It sounds like your friendship can blossom into something more meaningful. Just take your time and be patient with yourself. Always discuss openly how you are feeling so that you can both be on the same page about where the relationship is going if that is what you both want. In regards to your mother, you will always be her little girl. It may be time for you to talk to her about how you are feeling. She may trust you but may be afraid of you getting in serious relationship and getting hurt. Try talking to her about some ground rules for dating that you are both comfortable with such as time, place, curfew, etc. That ways you both know what to expect and trust continue to build. Best of luck in your new found relationship. We are available to talk or text 24/7 at (888) 222-2228. Thanks for reaching out to us.

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